New Website

We can build a professional website with almost any budget.

Our Websites:

  • Clean and Simple Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Utilize Modern Best Practices and are optimized to do well in search engines
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Training we don’t leave you hanging
  • Everything else you need read about our Website Development Process below

We generally recommend a WordPress website for people who need more control over their site and plan to grow but if your budget is very small you can try to create your own website.

Website Development Process

We’ve been developing websites for a long time and have come up with a tried and true process.  The following deliverables consists of everything you need to get a nice looking, highly functional, professional website ready to go. And, don’t worry, if you have done some of this or will do some of this that means the final cost will be less for you!

New Website Process Includes:

  • Choose A Domain:
    -> We can help you test a few ideas and set up your domain in your name.
  • Set Up Hosting:
    -> We can recommend a host and set up your account.
  • Get a Logo:
    -> We don’t do logo design but we can recommend someone.
  • Helping You with Site Structure:
    -> This includes your main menu and main landing pages.
  • Helping You Choose a Design:
    -> We can help you evaluate themes to see if they fit with your logo and site structure.

Once the above is done we can:

  • Set Up Site:
    -> Install theme, set up main navigation, add logo and set up a ‘Coming Soon’ page.
  • Design Customization:
    -> More Detailed customization to accommodate your logo and make your website unique.
  • Helping You Add Your Content:
    ->You are the expert at your business and the most capable of writing meaningful content. Once you have gotten your content ready we can help you learn how to add it to your website.
  • Testing and Optimizing Your Keywords:
    -> It is important to understand what search terms your future customers will use, we can help you pick and place a few keywords.

Your site looks good now but still needs fine tuning:

  • Security and Backup and caching:
    ->We can set up and test a few plugins for security, backup and caching so your site is as secure and as fast as possible.
  • Installing Google Analytics:
    -> We can set up your analytics account and install tracking software.
  • Setting up for Basic/Organic SEO:
    -> Finding local directories and other high quality sites to place your new website link.
  • Linking to Social Networks:
    -> Setting up links to a Twitter, Facebook and google plus account.

Questions?  Comments?  Please Contact Us for more information.